Reduce Pain

A knitting belt allows you to knit with less stress on the hands and wrists. The belt holds the needle for you!

Knit Faster

You'll be able to "throw" the yarn more easily when the needle is supported in the belt.

Fair Isle and intarsia knitting is less fussy. You can concentrate on multiple strands of yarn (in both hands if you prefer) and not the needle.

Special Uses

What is a leather knitting belt?

Knitting belts are leather pouches with holes, stuffing and a strap that hold your knitting needle for you. They help people with arthritis, tendinitis, repetitive thumb injuries and other disabilities knit with less pain. For some, gripping a circular needle is awkward, and new knitters often have trouble holding a needle and throwing yarn at the same time. A knitting belt and long double-pointed needles (DPNs) reduced my pain, and I wanted to make an affordable and attractive product that would help others. 

The "power loading" tool pushes your work to the tip of the left needle so those stitches can be knit more quickly.

Yes, socks can be knit on
10" double-pointed needles!

Shawls can be knit on more than two DPNs. Rubber needle tips will prevent the stitches from falling off the needles.

The belt can be worn on the thigh, hip or waist. The stuffing will "remember" the angle of your needle.